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Kate Kendell Writes To Mrs. Frothy

"Karen, we need to talk. And by that, I mean that I need to talk and you need to listen. You love your husband — I get that. You love your faith — fine by me. But when you pretend that hate is love, that lies are truth, and that victims are oppressors, you have become insane. Your husband believes that LGBT people cannot be trusted to serve in the military, raise children, form stable relationships or be fully respected under the law. According to you, Rick may love us, but honey, his love is killing us, and we want nothing to do with this abusive relationship.

"Our community has endured expulsion from family, mass firings, daily epithets, assaults, harassment, humiliation, death, and suicides. We know that if your husband becomes president of our country our long suffering will only deepen and magnify. [snip] You and Rick are the haters. My community is the victim, and anyone paying attention knows the truth." - Kate Kendell, head of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, in an op-ed published by the Advocate.

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