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Ken Hutcherson: I'm Being Oppressed!

"As long as the Bible says it's wrong, I'm going to fight against it like it's the last thing I can do. It's no different than any other sin. If someone walked around and said 'We want to be a minority because we are divorcees,' I would fight that just as much. It's going to infringe upon my freedom of religion. Every place this has become the law of the land, you are muzzled about what you can say about the issue of homosexuality." - Anti-gay asshat Pastor Ken Hutcherson, on the coming same-sex marriage bill in Washington state.

RELATED: Hutcherson led the failed Referendum 71 attempt to repeal Washington's "everything but the name" domestic partners law, which was upheld by a slim majority. You may also recall that Hutcherson has led walkouts at public schools in protest of the Day Of Silence and that he issued a bizarre threat should DOMA ever be overturned. In 2010 Hutcherson officiated at Rush Limbaugh's fourth marriage.

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