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Leftist Gays Are Poisoning His Cocktails!

"I’ve become a pariah in Boystown not just for my support of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party and my opposition to Barack Obama and the Left, but mainly for my insistence that it’s childish and flat-out wrong for the 'gay community' to direct hatred at Christians for refusing to allow the word 'marriage' to be redefined as something this sacrament is not. [snip] I was genuinely afraid of being 'accidentally' tripped or pushed down the many stairs in the bar or otherwise harmed physically by Sidetrack staff or patrons at Dan’s encouragement.

"That’s above and beyond these people doing petty things like putting something in drinks that I’d order to punish me. I reasonably became convinced that if I kept going to Sidetrack that Dan would escalate things with customers and his fellow staff to the point where I’d be physically assaulted on the premises because of my religion and my outspoken personal beliefs which did not jive with what Art Johnston and other 'gay community leaders' mandated for gay guys living in Boystown." - Hillbuzz blogger Kevin DuJan, claiming that Chicago's leftist gays are secretly conspiring to deny him dates with hot twinks and are poisoning his cocktails at his favorite bar.

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