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Macarons: Manhattan's Cupcake 2.0

This morning I wandered over to Ladurée, the latest Manhattan rage where New Yorkers are at this moment lined up down the block on a corner of Madison Avenue also anchored by Tom Ford, Juicy Couture, and Prada. Lined up for cookies. Even though the shop is quite close to where I live, I'd never heard of the Paris-based chain until Father Tony's husband sheepishly disclosed the cost of the large box of their trademark macarons, which he'd brought for dessert on New Year's Eve, much to the gasping pleasure of our more cultured host.

Over on Yelp, Ladurée's reviews include dozens of five-star raves from fans who insist that it's totally worth an hour wait for a tiny $3 cookie. That's about $30 for a dozen, extra if you want the fancy box. I had two at the party, both lemon. And yes, they were airy and delicious, but after a momentary burst of fluffy flavor, you weren't quite sure that you'd eaten something. They rather reminded me of cotton candy in that regard, but that's the trailer park in me, I suppose. Anyway, pity Magnolia and their copycats. Exit the cupcake, enter the macaron.

UPDATE: I should have mentioned that I got a smiley but stern talking to for taking the above photo. Don't do that, they rilly rilly don't like it.

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