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Nicotine Test For Hospital Employees

If you want to get a job at Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania, you'll have to submit to a test for nicotine use. If you test positive, you don't get the job.
"This is just the next step in creating a tobacco-free environment and it's just an effort to focus on the well-being of our employees," said Geisinger spokeswoman Marcy Marshall. All Geisinger facilities have been tobacco-free since 2007. Ms. Marshall said Geisinger's new policy was a year in the making, and is modeled after one established at The Cleveland Clinic. She said some of the staff understand why Geisinger is taking a more aggressive stance on tobacco use, and some even welcome the new policy. There are others, though, who are worried. "I'm sure what's going through their minds is, 'How is this going to affect me down the line?'" Ms. Marshall said.
Next up: a test for evidence of french fries.

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