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NOM Is Robo-Calling New Jersey

NOM's Brian Brownshirt is interrupting dinner time in the Garden State with demands to call legislators and denounce the pending same-sex marriage bill.
“There’s an attempt by wealthy activists to force same sex marriage on New Jersey without a public vote. It’s urgent that you call your state senator and urge him to vote no on same sex legislation,” the call states. Recipients are then directed to call their specific representatives in Trenton. The calls started going out about two weeks ago to about half a million people who have expressed opposition to same sex marriage in the past, according to Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, a group lobbying against the bill. Legislators have received more than 10,000 calls from those opposed since the same-sex marriage legislation was first announced by Democrats two weeks ago, Brown said. Many supporters are in the southern reaches of the state, along with areas with large number of African-Americans, he said. “It’s extensive,” Brown said of the “robo-call” effort.

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