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Press Release Of The Day

From a website for sugar daddies., the largest social network for sugar daddies and sugar babies, today formally endorses Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination for President. According to news reports, on Saturday, Mitt Romney met Ruth Williams, a 55-year old jobless volunteer at his campaign rally. While other presidential candidates may have offered only words of consolation or encouragement, Mitt Romney took action, reaching into his own pocket and giving all $50 in cash in his wallet to Ms. Williams. “This small kind act of reaching into his own wallet to help another human being in need is Sugar Daddy-ism at its best,” says Brandon Wade, the Founder & CEO of, a million-strong community of sugar daddies and sugar babies. “When it comes to politics, small actions speak louder than big words. Mitt Romney has shown all other politicians that being a good Sugar Daddy is about helping others.”

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