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SHARIA LAW: Romney, Frothy, & Gingrich Vow To Crack Down On Pornography

According to a press release from Morality In Media, three of the GOP candidates have promised to prosecute the makers and distributors of pornography.
Former Senator Rick Santorum in a written statement:
"Federal obscenity laws should be vigorously enforced. If elected President, I will appoint an Attorney General who will do so."

Former Governor Mitt Romney in a written statement:

"(I)t is imperative that we cultivate the promotion of fundamental family values. This can be accomplished with increased parental involvement and enhanced supervision of our children. It includes strict enforcement of our nation's obscenity laws, as well as the promotion of parental software controls that guard our children from Internet pornography."

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich in a face-to-face meeting:

When MIM's Executive Director Dawn Hawkins asked former Speaker Gingrich if he will enforce existing laws that make distribution of hard-core adult pornography illegal, he responded: "Yes, I will appoint an Attorney General who will enforce these laws."

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