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TENNESSEE: Christianists Push Bill To Legalize Bullying Based On Religion

Here we go again, just like we saw in Michigan. Tennessee's WSMV reports on a new bill that is a "top priority" of the Family Action Council.
A proposal by some state lawmakers is already under fire, even before the legislative session begins. They're considering making a change in the law to allow students to speak out against homosexuality, if that's what their religious beliefs call for. Supporters have said this is about protecting the free-speech rights of students who want to express their views on homosexuality. But gay rights groups are calling the idea a "license to bully." Kelly Fussman is the founder of the No Hate Club at Hendersonville High School.

She says she sees examples of bullying every single day. "I've had a lot of friends bullied for just being who they are, whether it's for their sexuality, their gender identity, their religion," she said. Fussman says she is worried about the bill in the legislature that she believes could make the verbal abuse worse. The proposal would alter the state's anti-bullying laws to allow students to speak their religious and political views against homosexuality without punishment as long as the student isn't threatening harm or damaging property.
[Cartoon Credit: Mike Ritter/Georgia Voice]

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