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Top Ten Reasons For Gays To Vote GOP

A snippet from the Boston Globe's sarcastic piece:
Michele Bachmann’s husband might be gay.
This is quite a stretch, but at least some people’s gaydar is going off when it comes to the lisping Dr. Marcus Bachmann. This may seem particularly odd since the unlicensed therapist offers “reparative therapy,” which allegedly helps homosexuals move toward a heterosexual orientation. But that may prove even more credible evidence of his homosexuality given that many prominent ex-gay advocates have had to concede defeat after same-sex sex scandals, including former board chairman of ex-gay group Exodus John Paulk and disgraced evangelical minister Rev. Ted Haggard. Michele could just unwittingly give the U.S. its first gay First Gentleman. And, who knows — while we are stretching the bounds of imagination — what if Marcus then revealed that Michele is more than his beard? Perhaps Michele could be our first lesbian president. Big stretch.
As regards the 1994 flyer above, the one funny thing about Romney's inevitable nomination is how he is so viciously hated by the anti-gay industry. When they're not tweeting lies about man-dog marriage, they're usually spewing attacks on "homo-lover Romney." So that aspect of Romney's nomination, at least, will be suh-weet to witness.

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