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Another Win For NYC Churches Vs Schools

A Bronx judge has granted an injunction against an earlier ruling that banned churches from meeting in New York City public schools. That means viciously anti-gay preachers, congregations, and at least one "ex-gay" organization will again convene tomorrow, essentially for free, in public spaces across the city. Some church groups openly admit that they are engaging in a "church planting" program intended to indoctrinate public school students.

Focus On The Family celebrates:
If you’re wondering why this case is still around, and how a court could give the church a second life in the public schools after the Supreme Court refused to accept the adverse decision of the Second Circuit for consideration in December, it’s pretty simple. For the last 16-17 years, the case has been litigated as a free speech/viewpoint discrimination case, and the courts haven’t looked at whether the City’s policy violates the First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause. ADF re-opened the case earlier this month on just that issue and this judge, who has been the same trial judge in this case for its entire history, agreed to look at it, and so far thinks the church has a winning argument. So here we go again.
The hate group Alliance Defense Fund is representing the churches.

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