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Ben & Jerry's Vs Citizens United

Ben & Jerry's has launched a drive to overturn Citizens United, the Supreme Court ruling that allows corporations to make unlimited donations to political campaigns.
There’s way too much money in American politics. It’s drowning out people’s voices, especially since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision gave corporations the green light to spend limitless sums of money to influence our elections. We are building a movement of engaged citizens and responsible business leaders working together to oppose this decision and Get the Dough Out of Politics. Our goal is to take back American democracy, and over-rule the Supreme Court, with a Constitutional Amendment that will keep corporate money out of our elections. We call on Congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment that overturns Citizens United and gets the money out of politics.
Amendments to the federal constitution are spectacularly difficult and laborious to make, which is why we haven't seen one in many decades. But if ever one had a chance....

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