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CHINA: Survey Shows Huge Majority Of Young People Are Not Homophobic

The official news agency of the Chinese government reports that over 80% of young Chinese say they have no problem with gay people. Via Xinhau:
More than 80 percent of Chinese people born after the 1980s hold no discriminatory beliefs regarding homosexuality, according to a survey on marriage perspectives conducted by, a major Chinese dating website. The survey results, which were published in the Monday edition of the Beijing News, indicate that 83 percent of respondents born between 1980 and 1989, as well as 82 percent of those born after 1990, do not disapprove of homosexuality. The online survey of 85,439 people, most of whom were between the ages of 20 and 50, also revealed that about 15 percent of female respondents would not marry a man who does not own an apartment and a car.
As we well know from our own freeping expeditions, online surveys can often mean bupkis. What's most interesting here, I think, is the fact that the news was reported on by the Chinese government itself.

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