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Frothy Extends Michigan Lead

Newt Gingrich says if Romney loses in his "home state" of Michigan, he should drop out. But as with all things Gingrich, the same logic does not apply to him.
"If he can't carry his home state, I think the rationale for why is there a Romney candidacy - he's not a candidate of ideas. He's not a candidate of ideologies," Gingrich said on Fox News Sunday. Michigan voters head to the polls on Tuesday, February 28, and polls show former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is leading there. Host Chris Wallace asked Gingrich if the same is true for him and his home state of Georgia, which votes along with 9 other states on March 6 "Super Tuesday." Gingrich backtracked slightly to lower expectations ahead of a possible Georgia loss. "Given the chaos of this race, I wouldn't say anything, but it's - but I'm certainly willing to say I think it's extraordinarily important to carry your home state. And also has an underlying impact if you don't." Asked if he would drop out if he lost Georgia, Gingrich indicated he would not.

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