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Johnson/Aniston 2012

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson says actress Jennifer Aniston would be a great running mate for him. But if she's busy, he'd also take game show host Drew Carey. Last week former GOProud chairman Chris Barron endorsed Johnson.
I simply can’t put the square peg in the circle hole. I am firmly committed to defeating Barack Obama and turning back his disastrous policies, and I wanted to believe that I could support whomever the Republican Party nominated. Unfortunately, I cannot in good conscience do that. Let me be crystal clear: I am speaking only for myself and not for GOProud, the organization that I co-founded. I fully expect the GOProud Board will endorse the eventual nominee of the Republican Party. I, however, will not cast a vote in favor of that.
I believe Barron had previously endorsed Herman Cain and was also recently seen literally waving a banner for Mitt Romney. Barron has not yet commented on the Johnson/Aniston ticket.

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