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Ken Hutcherson: I'm Being Oppressed!

"Is it unfair not to let three people marry? Is it unfair that the men of NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) not be allowed to marry little boys? It is not an issue of fairness but of righteousness and the Bible calls homosexuality sin. [snip] Muslims have come out in favor of same sex marriage, so they can usher in Sharia Law which allows polygamy. [snip] There is no such thing as the 'separation of church and state.' The Constitution says the church is protected from the state. There are no arguments outside of the Bible. Without the biblical definition of marriage, there is no defense against same-sex marriage. That is why those in favor of same sex marriage MUST silence Bible-believers." - Three answers from Pastor Ken Hutcherson's information sheet on Washington state's same-sex marriage bill.

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