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Maryland Repeal Site Launches

Brian Brownshirt writes:
NOM is a member of the Maryland Marriage Alliance, the official committee that has already begun the effort to collect signatures to put the bill on the ballot this November. But time is short—we have just three months to collect 56,000 valid signatures needed to qualify the referendum for the statewide ballot. Over the next three months, we will be taking our message to voters from every walk of life—from college campuses to African American churches, from the Eastern Shore to Montgomery and Prince George's Counties in suburban D.C. Maryland has a reputation as having some of the most stringent signature requirements in the nation, so we will need several times the required 56,000 signatures to ensure we are not disqualified at the last minute due to signatures that are thrown out.
The three official sponsors of the petition drive: Maryland Family Alliance, the Maryland Catholic Conference, and the National Organization for Marriage.

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