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MASSACHUSETTS: Lesbians Charged With Hate Crime For Assault On Gay Man

Three Massachusetts lesbians have been charged with a hate crime for assaulting a gay man as they shouted homophobic slurs. Their lawyer says the charge is ridiculous.
“My guess is that no sane jury would convict them under those circumstances, but what this really demonstrates is the idiocy of the hate-crime legislation,” said civil liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate. “If you beat someone up, you’re guilty of assault and battery of a human being. Period. The idea of trying to break down human beings into categories is doomed to failure.” Prosecutors and the ACLU of Massachusetts said no matter the defendants’ sexual orientation, they can still face the crime of assault and battery with intent to intimidate, which carries up to a 10-year prison sentence, by using hateful language. “Someone who is Jewish can be anti-Semitic,” said ACLU staff attorney Sarah Wunsch. “The mere fact that someone is a member of the same class doesn’t mean they could not be motivated by hatred for their very own group.”
The attack reportedly came after the man bumped the women with his backpack in a stairwell.

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