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Pet Shop Boys Launch SmartPhone App

Allure Of Sound reports:
Pet Shop Boys have released their very first official app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. According to the press release, the new app — titled Singbox — gives you the chance to experience, sing to and compete with music on your devices in the same way that has only previously been possible on console games. Singbox includes the songs ‘West End Girls’, ‘Suburbia’ and ‘New York City Boy’ and includes to option to buy additional songs. With the app, you can sing along to your favorite Pet Shop Boys tunes while watching the classic original videos. Thanks to the unique live studio feedback feature, everyone can sound like a star. Singbox Pet Shop Boys, developed by Swedish company Singbox, is available to buy ($2.99) in the iTunes app store.
But does the tuner give one that unique Neil Tennant nasality?

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