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She's Got A New Hat! (Sneaker Edition)

Since Valentine's Day a long line of sneaker collectors have been camped out on Manhattan's West 33rd Street in anticipation of a new Nike design going on sale at Foot Locker. Ten days. On the street. In the winter. For glow in the dark plastic sneakers. Old man shakes fist at cloud. The shoes went on sale this morning. But not in Orlando.
The release of the new Nike sneaker at a Florida mall ahead of the NBA All-Star Weekend was canceled Friday after riot police were forced to break up fights among the crowd outside an Orlando store. Hundreds of people were dispersed from the Foot Locker House of Hoops store after trouble broke out Thursday night in the countdown to the doors opening at midnight, WOFL-TV reported. Orange County Sheriff deputies on horseback and dressed in riot gear with helmets and plastic shields moved in around 9:45pm local time when things got out of control.

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