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Stonewall Democrats To Log Cabin:
Don't Endorse Anti-Gay Candidates

The National Stonewall Democrats have launched a petition campaign asking the Log Cabin Republicans to refrain from endorsing anti-LGBT candidates this year. Stonewall's executive director Jerame Davis writes:
In 2004, Log Cabin Republicans took a principled stand and refused to endorse George W. Bush for his support of a federal marriage amendment alone. These candidates have pledged to go farther than President Bush ever considered. Will Log Cabin Republicans follow its own precedent and refuse to endorse anti-equality politicians? Recent stories in the media suggest they may actually be willing to overlook the anti-LGBT pledges GOP candidates have taken against our community. Sign the petition and tell Log Cabin Republicans they should never endorse anti-LGBT candidates who pledge to deny us equality.
RELATED: The other allegedly gay Republican group, GOProud, has already issued a statement declaring that any of the four remaining GOP candidates would make a better president that Obama. GOProud staffers have been photographed brandishing a Romney banner.

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