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Top GOP Super PAC Donors

Analysis of these new filings and previously available data reveals that 19 wealthy donors have already given a million dollars or more each, combining to funnel $46.75 million to Republican-allied Super PACs so far this cycle. It comes as little surprise that this list is dominated by financial sector investors (8), energy and chemical producers (4), and real estate developers (3). All are white. Only one, the wife of casino tycoon Sheldon Edelson, is female. The Obama administration has backed financial sector consumer protections and environmental regulations unpopular with big Wall Street and big energy. The 19 donors’ contributions accounted for about 53 percent of the $88.2 million combined receipts for those committees.
Fifth on the above list is Paypal founder Peter Thiel, who is thought to be the primary funding source for GOProud.

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