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VIRGINIA: Legislators Consider Bill To Allow Home Schoolers To Play Sports

Even though their kids don't have to meet the scholastic, attendance, or disciplinary requirements that public school students do, religion-based home schoolers in Virginia are railroading through a bill to allow their kids to play sports on public school teams.
Currently, home-schoolers are not allowed to take part in school sports, but legislation before the General Assembly could change that. “Why shouldn’t homeschoolers be allowed?,” asked Diane James, a mother of four home-schooled children in elementary and pre-kindergarten who would play sports at Robinson Secondary School. “As home-schooling parents, we pay taxes that are used to support public schools. We are getting no tax write-off for not using the public schools,” James said. “Shouldn't we be allowed to at least have our children participate in sports? ... My kids would have greater opportunities for sports activities, since home-school activities are somewhat limited.” She added that, if approved, allowing home-school children to participate in public school sports would aid her children in developing relationships with other children in the community.
If Ms. James wanted her kids to develop socialization skills, she should have fucking enrolled them in public school to begin with.

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