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#1 Twenty-Five Years Ago Today

In 1977 Jody Watley was plucked from the Soul Train dance floor to become part of Shalamar, Don Cornelius' grudging acknowledgement of disco, the genre he scorned nearly as much as he would later loathe hip-hop. In 1987, ten years after Shalamar began a long run of hit singles on the pop, R&B, and club charts, Watley's debut solo release, Looking For A New Love, was her first of seven smashes to top Billboard's dance chart. TRIVIA 1: An electronica remix returned the single to #1 in 2005. TRIVIA 2: The single's most memorable line, "Hasta la vista, baby," was later spoken by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2. TRIVIA 3: Even though Shalamar had a Top Ten pop hit in 1979 with The Second Time Around, in 1987 Jody Watley won the Grammy for Best New Artist.

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