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Alaska Haters Launch Anti-Trans Ad

One Anchorage is demanding that the opposition pull an insulting anti-transgender commercial.
In the ad, a cartoon "transvestite" who wants to work at a day care is drawn as a man with a jutting jaw and body hair, wearing a short pink dress, red high heels and lipstick. If Prop. 5 passes, the narrator of the ad says, "it will be illegal for Carol to refuse a job to a transvestite who wants to work with toddlers." That imagery is an "offensive, stigmatizing and distorted" representation of a transgender person, said Trevor Storrs, a spokesman for the One Anchorage campaign. Transgender people are twice as likely as the general population to be assaulted, Storrs said, and the imagery in the ad "is definitely fanning the flames of fear that can lead to hate and violence."

(Via Think Progress)

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