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Communion Priest: My Diocese Is Lying

"If a Quaker, a Lutheran or a Buddhist, desiring communion had introduced himself as such, before Mass, a priest would be obligated to withhold communion. If someone had shown up in my sacristy drunk, or high on drugs, no communion would have been possible either. If a Catholic, divorced and remarried (without an annulment) would make that known in my sacristy, they too according to Catholic doctrine, would be impeded from receiving communion. This has nothing to do with canon 915. Ms. Johnson’s circumstances are precisely one of those relations which impede her access to communion according to Catholic teaching. Ms. Johnson was a guest in our parish, not the arbiter of how sacraments are dispensed in the Catholic Church." - Father Marcel Guarnizo, who says that contrary to the press release issued by his diocese, he was indeed suspended for refusing communion to a lesbian during her mother's funeral.

In a lengthy statement published by Catholic News, Guarnizo adds that he briefly left the funeral services due to a migraine headache and that he didn't "walk out" as reported.

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