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David Barton: God Will Destroy The United States If We Don't Give Money To Israel

"One of the areas where I will agree with Libertarians is that our foreign policy spending is way the heck out of bounds. The one where I'm going to draw an exception is we've got a business giving to Israel. And you can say 'Well, it's not in the Constitution.' Okay, I can say it's in Genesis 12:3. Genesis 12:3 told Abraham 'I'm going to make a nation out of you and the way that other nations treat that nation is how I'm going to treat other nations.' Now that's a great public policy reason for doing something with Israel. I might not do it with other nations there, but He made it really clear whatever nation, the way they treat your descendents, you nation, I'm going to whack 'em or I'm going to bless 'em based on what happens there." - Nutjob "historian" David Barton, quoted by Right Wing Watch.

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