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Email Of The Day - Eugene Delgaudio

"Dear Joe, The Radical Homosexual Lobby knows that they will never win the support of mainstream America. But, they can buy off a few politicians in each state. This is exactly how homosexual 'marriage' was passed in New York last summer -- backroom deals and homosexual slush funds. In both Maryland and Washington State, pro-Family citizens are rallying to overturn this usurpation of their wishes. Public Advocate is organizing on the ground in both states right now -- but I need your help. To overturn homosexual 'marriage,' pro-Family advocates will have to get the bills placed on the November ballot -- and in order to do that they will need to gather tens of thousands of signatures in Maryland; Washington State will require almost 300,000 signatures!" - Eugene Delgaudio, begging money to launch petition campaigns.

NOTE: Other than in Virginia, has anybody actually seen a Public Advocate action? I suspect that Delgaudio's one man show is exactly that.

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