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GOProud Opposes Anti-Bullying Bill

GOProud's 2012 agenda hits all the usual Tea Party talking points:

End judicial activism!
Repeal Obamacare!
Destroy Social Security!
Guns for everybody!

Their just-issued agenda also restates GOProud's oft-spouted position that states should have the right to ban same-sex marriage without federal meddling in campaigns to thwart the civil rights of LGBT Americans.
RESPECTING STATES RIGHTS – Supporting a strong 10th Amendment that limits the scope of the federal government and empowers states; repealing the federal Defense of Marriage Act and return power to regulate marriage and family law to the states.
But here's a new one: GOProud opposes federal anti-bullying laws.
EDUCATION REFORM – The answer to the serious problem of bullying is not more federal intervention in education. Instead, we support empowering parents and families by supporting school choice initiatives and protecting the right of parents to homeschool their children.
After a horrific year of bullying-related suicides in which the anti-gay Christian hate machine mobilized in numerous jurisdictions, installing or bidding to install laws that force teachers to watch silently while LGBT kids are beaten, GOProud says "Let the local schools do as the local anti-gay groups command."

And here you thought they couldn't be more repulsive.

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