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Homofascists Hate Bus Drivers

British Christians are up in arms because a public bus driver is facing disciplinary action for distributing anti-gay petitions after being told not to bring them into work. The tabloid Daily Mail reports:
A Christian bus driver has been threatened with disciplinary action for taking a petition backing traditional marriage to work. Arthur McGeorge, 58, from Consett, County Durham, was accused of being 'homophobic' and told to apologise for the offence he had caused. The petition, which has attracted more than 125,000 signatories, opposes plans to allow same-sex marriage. It states marriage is the union 'of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others'. A colleague at the Go North East bus depot, Stanley, heard about an 'anti-gay marriage' petition. The manager asked Mr McGeorge to promise not to bring it back but he refused and now faces a formal disciplinary procedure.
According to Christian Concern, the bus driver is yet another victim of the homofascist campaign to oppress religious liberty.
Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, said: “We are witnessing widespread levels of intolerance and sometimes abuse and discrimination against those with Christian or traditional views in the public sphere. “Previous generations would be amazed that, in the UK, individuals can now face disciplinary action for sharing a marriage petition on a lunch break. “We are seeing all the warning signs loud and clear. Something has gone very, very wrong with this nation. When the Christian faith is sidelined then basic freedoms start evaporating very quickly. This situation must be reversed.”
As we'd expect, NOM is already jumping on the It! Could! Happen! Here! train.

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