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HomoQuotable - Jonathan Rauch

"Justified or not, fear spread in conservative circles that getting on the wrong side of gay marriage could cost you your job. 'People tell us that their livelihoods have been threatened solely because of their public advocacy opposing same-sex marriage,' said Maggie Gallagher, founder of the National Organization for Marriage. 'Fine,' say some gay rights activists. “'If they’re going to be bigots, they should be afraid to speak out.' Wrong. What the gay-rights movement has always really stood for is a country where we can all express our identities and convictions without fear: a country without closets, gay or straight." - Homocon writer Jonathan Rauch, in an essay published by The Daily. NOM has approvingly posted the above excerpt on their own blog. Rauch is the cofounder of the homocon site, Independent Gay Forum.

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