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JetBlue Pilot Goes Nuts

The second time for this kind of thing this month.
A JetBlue captain went berserk on a flight from Kennedy Airport to Las Vegas today in an incident that forced the plane to make an emergency landing, passengers and authorities said. “Say your prayers!” the crazed pilot screamed as he ran up and down the aisle, a passenger told The Post. “Someone next to me said he was saying something about bombs,” recounted the passenger, Tiffany Lee, a 26-year-old Las Vegas resident. The Amarillo Globe-News also quoted passengers on board saying the pilot was screaming about al Qaeda. Laurie Dhue, a former FOX News Channel anchor who was on board the flight, told the network passengers could hear the pilot using the words "Afghanistan" and "Israel" during the tirade. The crazed captain’s outburst came after he was booted from the cockpit, passengers said. He banged on the cockpit door asking to be let back in before passengers subdued him, said authorities.
At least he was forced out of the cockpit in time.

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