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Kid Sues His Bully, Eight Years Later

A former student at Manhattan's exclusive Calhoun School is suing the school and his tormenting bully for abuse that he suffered in 2004.
In a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Eric Giray — now a sophomore at Brandeis University — accuses Daniel Dworakowski — now a sophomore at Cornell — of taunting him for years before shoving him into the school’s bleachers on Oct. 15, 2004. Giray, who attended Calhoun for the sixth, seventh and eighth grades, broke his nose and needed 18 stitches to close the gashes, according to his attorney Ric Cherwin. The incident came two weeks after Giray’s mother, Dr. Ayse Giray, a pediatrician, complained in two emails to school administrators that Dworakowski, a champion athlete, had repeatedly called her smaller son “gay” and told him he had “elephant ears." “I really don’t want him to be bullied again,” the mother wrote in a September 2004 email to Calhoun administrators.
The mother of the sued student said yesterday that the broken nose incident was merely "an accident," and not bullying. The suit seeks $1.5M in damages.

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