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Linda Harvey: GLAAD Are Nazis

"The carefully cultivated Hate brand is a big seller among marginally informed youth who quickly process whom to heed and whom to dismiss. This volunteer sales force moves throughout the nation with whistleblowing at speeches, interruption of church services, heckling and predictable “H8″ protest signs. Demanding the 'hater' lose his/her job ups the ante. Online petitions keep the pressure high. And of course, the N.Y. Times, Huffington Post, MSNBC and others will feature Hate product press releases verbatim. Recognize this? Hate branding, focusing on Jews, succeeded in branding them as the 'enemy' in public opinion in Nazi Germany. It’s the method used today by Islamic radicals who spread ludicrous fables about Jews in many mosques. You would think the SPLC and even GLAAD might recognize this, search their hearts and say,'What are we doing here? Christians are not monsters and traditional values are not Hate!'" - Hate group leader Linda Harvey, writing for World Net Daily.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Linda Harvey says gay activism causes children to kill themselves. Linda Harvey says gay marriage causes children to develop stress disorders. Linda Harvey says nobody is actually gay. Linda Harvey says gay people should not be allowed to be teachers. Linda Harvey says schools are paying children to become gay. Linda Harvey says corporations should never hire gay people.

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