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NC Activists Respond To NOM Scandal

Just in from Protect All NC Families:
"While this is just the kind of cynical strategy NOM's industry of division is famous for, it's still shocking to know that as we've been building a broad coalition that unites communities in North Carolina, the National Organization for Marriage has been secretly plotting to pit our state's voters against one another. This strategy of creating an imagined rift between North Carolinians illustrates that the only way to pass one of these amendments is by dividing the very groups that it will hurt the most. Under the auspices of promoting "family values," we know now that NOM is simply in the business of pushing these divisive measures by any means necessary. And North Carolina voters have the right to know."
REMINDER: Yesterday the above group launched an online moneybomb campaign to thwart NOM's attempt to install a constitutional ban on marriage.

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