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NH House Squashes Bill To Allow Refusal Of Wedding Services To Gay Couples

The New Hampshire House has resoundingly defeated a bill that would have allowed wedding businesses to refuse to serve gay couples on the basis of religious objections.
Supporters of House Bill 1264 said a person or business should not have to provide services if it is contrary to their religious tenets or would violate their beliefs. “This should be a very alarming warning,” said the bill's prime sponsor, Rep. Jerry Bergevin, R-Manchester. “It means we are moving into a brave new world. It may not be your ox being gored at the moment, but just wait, it will be.” Bill opponents said the bill would codify discrimination. Rep. Barry Palmer, R-Nashua, who was a member of the New Hampshire Human Rights Commission, called the bill unconstitutional, illegal, immoral and mean-spirited. “I have a rough idea of what discrimination is,” he said. “This bill is illegal by state statute and illegal by federal law.” The House killed the bill Wednesday by a 246-85 vote.
Juden verboten! Praise Jesus!

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