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Protest Sign Of The Day

The "personhood" people are super pissed at Oklahoma state Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre. Via press release:
"The Personhood issue often provokes strong language from all sides," commented Dan Skerbitz, president of Personhood Oklahoma. "But this display of vulgarity from a sitting senator is truly shocking. It is more evidence of the hardness of heart behind a movement that would deny the right of a helpless pre-born baby to be recognized and protected by the law as a human person." "This makes it obvious that their moral compass is broken," continued Skerbirtz. "It is not surprising that a world view that finds such comments acceptable is not above lying about the Personhood Amendment or its possible effects on the lives of Oklahomans. Those who oppose the concept of personhood in Oklahoma are showing their true colors."
McIntyre had borrowed the sign from a protester outside her office.

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