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TODAY: Slaggie Gilamonster Attends Starbucks Stockholders Meeting

Maggie Gallagher is in Washington state today to attend the annual meeting of Starbucks stockholders, where she will stomp her hooves about the coffee giant's support for marriage equality. Via press release from NOM:
Starbucks Coffee Company recently came out in support of new policies promoting same-sex marriage. The National Organization for Marriage, the nation's largest group dedicated to preserving marriage between one man and one woman, and the faith communities that sustain it, will question the Starbucks board on the corporation's announcement (in endorsing gay marriage in the state of Washington) that same-sex marriage is now one of the Starbucks corporation's "core values." Does it make sense for an international consumer company to equate its brand with a hot-button moral/culture war issue, when so many of its customers, employees and vendors around the world disagree? Depending on the answers the board gives, NOM may make a major announcement immediately following the board meeting.
And that "major announcement" will surely be NOM's joining of the boycott currently underway by the Family Research Council and Pastor Steven "Jazz Hands" Andrew. Slaggie just tweeted a photo of herself holding a cup of coffee at the event: "My last cup of Starbucks?"


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