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Trans Activist Runs For NV Assembly

Transgender activist Lauren Scott has filed to run for the Nevada Assembly. If elected, she would be the first transgender state legislator in the nation.
Formerly a Democrat, Scott registered as a Republican for the first time last year. She decided that as a Republican she can more effectively work to overcome the gridlock in Carson City. Scott was as an active-duty member of the US Air Force for nearly seven years. She served three years in Nevada at the Tonopah Test Range as a military firefighter in support of F-117A Stealth Fighter operations. She was awarded two Achievement Medals and a Commendation Medal for her service during Operation Desert Storm. She received an honorable discharge in 1994. By working with the Nevada legislature for over three years to successfully pass groundbreaking legislation, Lauren says she has gained a detailed understanding of the legislative process in Nevada. She has been recognized on the floor of both the Assembly and the Senate.
Last year Scott worked for the successful passage of the Nevada Assembly's bill to outlaw discrimination against transgender people.

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