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Anchorage In Uproar: Anti-Gay Hate Group Exposed For Encouraging Voter Fraud

The anti-gay hate group formed by a coalition of local churches has been exposed for encouraging voter fraud in yesterday's Anchorage referendum on LGBT rights. As the Facebook screenshot caught by the blog Bent Alaska proves, No On 5 called for unregistered voters to illegally register and vote on the same day. Voter registration for yesterday's election actually closed thirty days ago.

No On 5's Facebook posting was called out immediately by a commenter who was instantly shouted down and told "go back to your pervert website!" Despite a chorus of objections, the post remained up. Bent Alaska's expose has been picked up by local television.
Deputy Municipal Clerk Jacqueline Duke told KTVA because of misinformation election workers have an influx of thousands of questioned ballots coming in. The problem was caused by the controversial Prop 5 initiative that would add legal protections against discrimination to also include sexual orientation and transgender identity. The opponents of the proposition, led by the Alaska Family Council's Jim Minnery, put a message on its “Vote No on Prop 5” website saying people could both register to vote and cast their ballot today. That is not case as both city and state laws state you have to register at least 30 days before an election for it to count.
Election officials will likely now have to hand-sort all of the ballots and disqualify those made by voters who registered on the same day. But how? Congrats to Bent Alaska for fantastic work.

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