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Brian Brown: The HRC Has Committed A Watergate-Like Crime Against NOM

Brian Brown today continued his campaign of accusations against the Human Rights Campaign, claiming that outgoing executive director and Obama campaign co-chair Joe Solomonese is party to the "felony" of publishing a "confidential" tax return. Brown claims that NOM's lawyers contacted the HRC yesterday, resulting in the tax forms being "quietly removed" from HRC's site.
"They now realize that they have done something tremendously wrong here or they would not have removed the references," NOM President Brian Brown said today. "A felony has been committed and the Treasury Department must investigate who within the IRS has committed it, and whether people with the Obama Administration or the HRC are co-conspirators in the criminal release of our confidential tax return. We demand that federal authorities immediately launch an investigation into this crime. This is not a routine leak of some obscure document. We're talking about someone in the Obama Administration's IRS releasing to a group headed by President Obama's national co-chair the private tax return containing confidential donor information of their main opponent. This is reminiscent of Watergate, and the American people are entitled to know the truth of what has occurred."
Brown, should it not be glaringly obvious, is flailing about wildly, hoping desperately to redirect media attention away from NOM's race-baiting scandal AND their campaign to incite anti-gay violence in foreign countries. Don't fall for it.

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