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Concerned Women Are Concernstipated That People Think Christians Are Bigots

"I can say that I have in my life, just like most of the readers, close friends and family members who describe themselves as homosexuals. And I love them. They know where I stand on the issue of marriage and homosexuality. They know I believe that government should not promote their lifestyle. I have shared what I believe God's grace can do in their lives. That they are not slaves to their desires. So I pray for peace, joy, and mercy in their lives. That's the Christian approach. That is, at least, for those who follow the teachings of Christ. Because there are indeed those who most definitely do not follow the teachings of Christ, even as they call themselves 'Christians.' Christ also warned us against them.The bottom line is a Christian must behave like a Christian. Or he or she is not a Christian at all. We stand for God's model for marriage and the family alone, and we love our homosexual neighbors. There is nothing incongruent about that." - Mario Diaz, legal counsel for Concerned Women For America.

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