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Email Of The Day - Rep. Steve Stockman

"Dear Joe, Obama's socialism makes me sick! And I have the barf bag to prove it! I'm Congressman Steve Stockman, a proud, principled conservative Tea Party Republican. And I'm saying what no one else in Washington has the backbone to say. I introduced a constitutional amendment to stop illegals from using their kids as anchor babies, 15 years before anyone else talked about it. I introduced a bill to end all abortion by making it the official policy of the federal government that life begins at conception. No ifs, ands, buts or compromises.

"I introduced a bill to repeal federal gun control and eliminate background checks, waiting periods, and registration requirements for firearms nationwide. I co-sponsored the Defense of Marriage Act to end homosexual marriage. I'm offering you a change to undo the Obama agenda and enrage liberals in the process. Chip in $10 to show me you support me in my campaign to return to Washington and pick up where I left off – defeating liberalism so it will never return. And in return I'll send you my Offical Obama Barf Bag so you can show everyone you won't back down." - Former Rep. Steve Stockman, via email.

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