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Gay Journalist Eli Sanders Wins Pulitzer Prize For Story Of Lesbian's Murder

Seattle Stranger reporter Eli Sanders has won the Pulitzer Prize for his story about the woman who survived an attacker who raped and killed her partner. (In 2009 the killer told the court: "God told me to rape and kill those lesbians.") Here's an excerpt from Sanders' article:
The reason for her sitting on the witness stand of a packed and sweltering eighth-floor courtroom at the King County Courthouse on June 8, in jeans and a short-sleeved black blouse, hands clasped over knees, a jury of strangers taking notes, a crowd of family and friends and strangers observing, a bunch of media recording, was to say: This happened to me. You must listen. This happened to us. You must hear who was lost. You must hear what he did. You must hear how Teresa fought him. You must hear what I loved about her. You must know what he took from us. This happened.
Congratulations, Mr. Sanders.

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