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Islamic Terrorists Threaten Eurovision: We Will Use Chemical Weapons And Knives

Islamic terrorists have threatened to use chemical weapons against attendees and performers at the Eurovision Song Contest, which this year will be held in Azerbaijan, an almost entirely Muslim nation. The 57 year-old competition is heavily followed by gay fans, many of whom travel to the host cities every year for associated parties and nightclub events.
The Azeri terrorists, an Islamic group, have said they will target the participants of the Eurovision song contest in Azerbaijan as they are “European scum”. It has threatened the use of “knives and chemical weapons” at the contest. The terror group said in a statement yesterday “Blood of the European scum must be shed by the will of Allah.” The annual musical contest has attracted entries from 42 countries from eastern and western Europe this year, but the group said the Eurovision is “a nightmare for all Muslims.” The statement comes after a widespread crackdown by Azeri authorities on the group in preparation for the contest - 17 members were arrested and one blew up himself and a policeman in recent raids.
According to the above-linked report, additional security will be added for the contestants. Anxious to put on a good show for the world's media, the Azeri government has reportedly spent more than €500m on Eurovision-related infrastructure, included upgrading hotels, roads, the airport, and constructing a massive new arena just for the event.

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