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Log Cabin Republicans: NOM Is A Cancer

"In addition to crude racial tactics, NOM has also engaged in a clear campaign of intimidation against any Republican official or candidate who dares to agree with Vice President Dick Cheney that 'freedom means freedom for everyone.' From threatening billboards to promising to pour millions of dollars into local elections to punish pro-equality Republicans, NOM’s leadership has set their sights on dividing the GOP at a time when we most need to be uniting to retake the White House. The debate surrounding the freedom to marry is ongoing, with good and loyal conservatives on both sides. However, NOM is a cancer that needs to be removed for the good of the conservative movement. Inclusion wins, and division loses. It is time to walk away from NOM – and buy a cup of Starbucks coffee for the road." - Log Cabin Republicans head R. Clarke Cooper, writing for the Washington Times.

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