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Oklahoma Against Scott Lively

Hate group leader Scott Lively is scheduled to speak in Oklahoma City and some local churches are organizing against his appearance. Canyon Walker urges participation:
Thursday, several groups will join together with a unified voice for a Press Conference demanding that truth, rather than “Holocaust revisionism” be told and that the GLBT community be treated with fairness. Included in that gathering will be: Christians leaders from both affirming and non-affirming congregations, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, The Center for Oklahoma Human Rights Alliance and the ACLU. [snip] As unaware and passive Christians sit in the isolating confines of their church homes and potlucks, the “ugly Jesus” is aggressively attacking. “Scott Lively in Oklahoma City has nothing to do with me,” you think. “I would never behave hatefully or believe those lies.” Most of us have gay friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. We see people, not behaviors; we see men and women, just like the rest of us, who want the same rights as the people around them. They desire to be in legally and socially recognized relationships, and they want protection for their families. These are good and noble things.
Hit the link for the list of anti-Lively events.

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