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Rush Limbaugh: Back On Drugs?

Rush Limbaugh is telling a story so bizarre that even some World Net Daily readers are wondering if he's been hitting the Oxy again.
Limbaugh says he was about a quarter-mile away from his home, and while using his iPhone with a voice-transcription feature that turns spoken words into printed text, a mysterious message suddenly showed up. Limbaugh says the sentence read: “Obama’s minions are taking over and there’s nothing you can do about it.” The blurb stunned the radio host, as he noted, “I hadn’t said anything like that!” Unfortunately, he admits he doesn’t have evidence to show anyone. “I was so discombobulated by what happened that I didn’t save what showed up on my iPhone,” he said. “I can’t prove this, because I didn’t keep the transcriptions. I deleted them. I don’t even know if I actually deleted them. I just didn’t send them. They are not on the phone. I went and looked.”
If Obama's minions were really hacking Limbaugh's iPhone, they should have sent, "No tax money for sluts!"

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