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Ultra Orthodox Jews Against The Internet

Next month tens of thousands of Ultra Orthodox Jews will rally in Citi Field, the Queens home of the New York Mets. Their mission is to denounce the modern world, specifically the internet and its supporting devices. The following notice has been published in NYC's Jewish Press:
It is well known that in recent times that through the Internet many serious family-related problems have been created, and it all happens because of it, and something must be done so they won’t be hurt. And since this touches almost everyone, we must assemble together to protect and be protected, and we hope that through this gathering in search of ideas we will be helped from Heaven to save the many, and may it be that we will be successful in encouraging the public not to stumble over this obstacle, and the Lord will guide us in a truthful path. And note that sometimes the suspension of Torah is the very way it which it must be kept.
The event will cost an estimated $1.5M. The Mets are on the road that weekend.

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