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#1 This Week In 1976

Thirty-six years ago today, Donna Summer's Try Me, I Know We Can Make It was in its third and final week atop Record World's disco chart. (Billboard did not launch its own national Disco Action chart until later in 1976.) Clocking in at an epic eighteen minutes, this three-song medley from the aptly named Love Trilogy album was used as a defacto 12" cut by club DJs, although an edited 4:00 version was released to radio, where it petered out at #80 on Billboard's singles chart. Donna was still fresh off the smash global success of Love To Love You, Baby and the pop chart failure of Try Me had anti-disco critics gloatingly calling her a flash in the pan.

MORE TRIVIA: In 1977 this and the first single from Love Trilogy, Donna's cover of Barry Manilow's Could It Be Magic, were both included on the soundtrack for the creepy disco murder movie, Looking For Mr. Goodbar.
EVEN MORE TRIVIA: The female background singers on Try Me were former members of 1976 Eurovision winners Brotherhood Of Man.

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